This week Junk are focusing on up-cycling your garments quickly, easily, but stylishly! So grab some scissor and start cutting!


    Top tips for your designs;

    1. When cutting a symmetrical shape fold the fabric in half (be sure not to have the front/back tucked  underneath) this will speed up the process and increase your accuracy! 

    2. Use a tape measure so your lines match up.

    3. Use chalk to draw on the top so that it is easy to wash off.

    4. Try it on and draw/ pin markers on it so you know exactly whereabouts you want to cut it - nothing worse than cutting the         neckline too low!

    5. When cutting strips (like the navy sweater) just cut into the fabric and run your hands along the fabric to create thinner strips; meaning you won't have to cut away fabric - less waste!!

    6. Use leftover fabric to hold designs in place, as shown on the pink Tee. 

    7. Have fun and show us your designs! 


    Remember we are hosting a FREE drop in Finale Sew- Recycle class 12-6pm 5th April, be sure to swing buy and develop your skills!


    Happy Cutting,


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