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  • Secret Garden Festival

    We are once again taking out lovely reworked/ vintage treasures to these magical fields! We will be open for trade every single day of the festival, so make sure you pop down to fund yourself something amazing. We are also giving away a secret present for everyone who asks for it when purchasing something! Weather you are looking for a wedding dress or a pink boiler suit, we are sure to have it! Here is an idea of what we will be selling.....     We will be trading close to the wonderful lake. See you all there! 

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  • It's Almost That Time...

    Glastonbury is nearly upon us once more!  We have been very busy creating and customising some amazing outfits ready for you in the fields. We have some fab stock this year from 60's minis to vintage wedding dresses! We've even stocked up on our waterproofs, just incase Pilton throws some bad weather our way.  Here is where we will be in the fields, come down to visit us and find a fabulous outfit. We will be giving away a magical piece of jewellery with every purchase!   Lets hope the weather is on out side (everybody do a sun dance) x...

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  • The Countdown to Festival Season Begins...

    So we are well within the two week countdown to Glastonbury which kicks off the start of Festival Season for Junk. We are leaving for Glastonbury next Sunday (yes, we are going for 11 days!) and we hope to see all of your lovely people there. We have got more fabulous stock than ever, perfect for any weather conditions Pilton decides to throw at us!    To get you in the festival spirit here are some photos from Secret Garden Festival last year!    See you in the (hopefully dry) fields x      

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