At Junk Shop  we are sharing our favourite ways to recycle and up-cycle your old clothes. Checkout some of our suggestions! 
    1. Turn an old T-Shirt into a seat cover... Use one with a statement logo/slogan to add impact!
    2. Grabs some old shirts and turn them into a big bean bag! Check out this tutorial to show you the easy way!
    3. No one can ever have enough pillows, so why not create some quirky pillows out of unworn shirts. 
    4. Thousands of carrier bags litter our land every day, so we suggest turning one of your unwanted T- shirts (or even skirts) into a handy shopping bag, cool and eco-friendly! And it's so easy, all you have to do is sew a few seams!
    5. Now we are heading into Spring we're thinking of turning a couple of our shirts into a lovely Spring dress! Have a look at this handy tutorial!
    6. We can't wait for picnic weather, so we've decided to turn our old clothes into a picnic throw! This is one of the easiest up-cycling ideas we have, so be sure to have a go.
    7. Scrunchies are making a comeback!! So why not make your own from a strip of unwanted fabric. Check out this tutorial to show you how.
    8. Don't fancy doing any sewing? That's cool, why not just dye your old garment a new colour? Perhaps tie-dye for a retro feel!
    9. Create a quirky laptop sleeve from your old jumpers.
    10. Create an edgy scarf by simply cutting & sewing your dated tops. 
    have a look at our our pictures for more inspiration! 

    To celebrate the success of our courses we will be putting on a SEW-RECYCLE FINALE DROP IN CLASS: 12PM - 6PM 5TH APRIL 2014. No need to book, just come along and enjoy our free event!
    Happy Sewing,
    Junk Shop
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