This week we've been eyeing up how the pros recycle everyday items into amazing couture apparel. Check out our favourite five creations, from caution tape to telephone pages!
    1) Crime Scene Dress: 
    Police tape has been fashioned into "warning-wear". Caution tape has artistically covered a dress from torn table cloths. This costume took 50 hours to create!
    2) Couture Plastique.
    This surprisingly elegant gown has been created from plastic film and bottles. The bottles are recycled into an Eco-spun gown, which has then been covered with used plastic packaging film and embellished with small circles cut from post-consumer plastic detergent bottles. The stole is knit from used clear plastic bags and lined with fabric from a second-hand white satin prom dress. This masterpiece took 225 hours to create in 2006!

    3) Paper Lace Dress
    Paper selected from office recycling cans was hand-cut into an original lace design and glued onto the flared skirt, hat and vintage shoes. The skirt and hat were made from canvas scraps. The skirt is layered over a 1950s vintage “little black dress.” The entire outfit was created in 120 hours in 2003.
    4) Junk Mail Fan Dress 

    Catalogues and newspaper ads were folded into fans and sewn onto the Spanish style dress.  The skirt and bodice were constructed from canvas scraps.  The thrift store shoes were covered with used postage stamps.  This ensemble is topped off with a vintage mantilla embellished with junk-mail fans and origami peacock earrings.  This creation took 200 hours. Created in 2000.


    5) Recycled Cowgirl

    Pages from old phone books were woven together to make the western style skirt and vest. The look continues with the pages applied to the used cowgirl hat and vintage “pee-wee” cowgirl boots. Used CDs create the silver accents on the outfit. This rough and ready suit required 125 hours to create and was made in 2002.


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    Happy Recycling,


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