• Busy in the Mill

    The wonderful journey of our garments!


    We have been very busy this week in the mill, to bring you some lovely new pieces! We have lots of saris, bed sheets, curtains, throws, table cloths that we are Upcycling into some fabulous one-off items. Our aim is to show and inspire people to Upcycle their unwanted fabrics into something unique, instead of throwing them into landfill!


    Here is the journey of one of our latest pieces....


    We found some lovely vintage fabric curtains and started by cutting off the top part of them, so that we are just left with the fabric we need for the dress (We will also re-use the top part in one of our sewing lessons).


    We then used one of our patterns to cut around the curtains to get the desired pieces we needed for the dress.


    We then made the dress by sewing all of the pieces together and Ta-da!


    The vintage curtains have been turned into one of our lovely 'Made in the Mill' Tie back dresses and is now available to buy in store!



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