• Happy Earth Day!

    As a company and individuals we are very passionate about trying to save the planet and educate people on the importance of this. 1.4m tonnes of textile waste is sent to landfill every year instead of being re-used. Here at Junk we never throw anything away and we try to show people how to creatively Upcycle their clothes, through our sewing lessons and shops. We turn old saris, curtains, bed sheets etc into handmade, one off pieces that hopefully inspire people to have a go themselves. 

    We run our sewing classes very regularly and include a wide range of lessons including:

    An introduction to the Sewing Machine

    Beginners Tunic Dress-making

    Beginners Shift Dress-making

    Beginners Evening Dress-making (level 2)

    Recycling and Customisation 

    (Shirt & Trouser classes coming soon)

    To book one of our classes, drop us an email: or call us on 0161 2388517 and we can talk you through the best option for you.


    Why not give it a go? You will be surprised at what you can turn your unwanted garments into (and your saving the planet along the way!)


    Happy Earth Day x

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