• An ode to the lost vintage pieces.

    Whereas some of my friends would say my impulsive shopping is somewhat of a worry, I would argue that the loss of far too many beautiful vintage pieces is the reason.

    I can’t count on two hands and two feet how many times I've fallen in love with a vintage piece and thought I’ll come back to it only to never see it again.

    Let me set the scene of my most recent loss that my wardrobe is mourning…

    It’s a balmy September day; I've been listening to Aladdin Sane all afternoon and have convinced myself that I need to transform myself into the next glam rock prodigy, so I don my finery and head into town.

    After shifting through what seems like a metric tonne of polyester 80s prom dresses in lurid colours and moth eaten jumpers with a certain smell I was ready to give up. That’s when I saw it- a silver V neck jumpsuit. This was it. It had to be mine. This silver jumpsuit would propel me into the next dimension of glam rock. David Bowie would be ringing me asking for styling tips.

    I immediately grabbed this and dashed into the changing room. Excellent- this looked even better on.

    Then something switched in my brain, I still don’t understand fully what happened. I put the jumpsuit back on the hanger and said to the shop assistant ‘No thanks, it’s not really for me.’ Before putting it back on the rack and leaving.

    What on earth had I done? Why did I say those words? That’s one of earths greatest mysteries that we’ll never know.

    Being dreadfully British, I couldn't go back in and say I’d changed my mind, what would the assistant think of me? (A: She’d probably not care at all.) So I waited until the next day before returning.

    This whole ordeal is one of the things that I haven’t quite forgiven myself for as when I’d returned my wonder jumpsuit was gone.

    My search for the outfit that will turn me into the latest addition to the New York Dolls continues on, forever tainted with the idea of what could’ve been if I’d only been more impulsive.


    JUNK's latest addition, Juliette xx

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