• Recycled Garments that are actually wearable!

    Usually when you think of quirky recycled garments you'll picture something impressive, but pretty ugly and unwearable, like this...

    But we've been scouring the recycling encyclopaedia and come across some amazing pieces that anyone would love to wear, and we'd thought we'd take this opportunity to show you guys what you can aspire to create! 

    These beautiful dresses have be hand-crafted from coloured card to produce tiered ball gowns

    Perhaps not the most logical of materials to use for shoes, but these converse shoes made from shipping packages do look pretty cool

    Some dedicated eco-warriors went as far as to create a wacky wedding dress from white rubber gloves! Don't think choose it for my big day, but it is rather creative!


    Us women are always stealing our boyfriend's shirts and jumpers but what about nabbing their old suit trousers and turn them into edgy skirts 

    This paper bag jacket is one hell of a fashion statement and is super unique - certainly won't find this in the Arndale! 


    Sew, there we go, hope you've enjoyed checking out these crazy, cool recycled creations! Get your thinking caps on get creative!

    Remember we are running our very last 'Sew-Recycled' drop in session this Saturday (5th April) 

    From 12 - 2.30 pm we're making Easter bonnets for all ages. And 3- 6pm we're having a drop in sewing session for all your stitching questions... Whether it's a dress that's just a bit too long or an amazing skirt that doesn't quite fit, bring it along and our lovely tutors will spill their secrets and show you how! Come along and get inspired!


    Happy Recycling,

    Junk X


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